Investment Lodges at Hollicarrs Holiday Park

Redeem The Dream

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own holiday home but been put off by the running costs? Now with Hollicarrs Holiday Park unique sublet scheme you can live that dream and have the benefit of others paying your costs whilst creating an additional income.

Prices starting from 124,950

Buy to Let Tax Advantages

If you acquire a holiday lodge with the intention of letting it out as a holiday home, you could enjoy a range of tax advantages.
The basic principle is that so long as certain conditions are fulfilled, furnished holiday lettings will continue to be treated as a trade, rather than an investment activity, for tax purposes.

Omar Westfield – Return Projections

The above image shows the returns projection potential of a brand new Omar Westfield as you can see a potential return of £11,312 could be yours whilst someone else pays the running fees of the lodge.

Omar Ashdale 45ft x 15ft Return Projections

Another example here would be the Omar Ashdale a cheaper option to the Omar Westfield prices starting from 124,950

These new investment lodges would be based on the new phase 3 plots at Hollicarrs, you would also be entitled to a choice of plot on this new phase.

If investing in a lodge at Hollicarrs Holliday Park could be something you would like to look further in to please contact Shane on 07903 300433 for choices of lodges and more information

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