Heron Lakes – Fishing

Perfect for recreation and fun, Heron Lakes has three fishing lakes available. The fishing lakes, including a fresh water fishing lake, are free to use for holiday lodge owners with a valid fishing license. Enjoy the Yorkshire countryside and take in the fresh air and stunning landscapes of Beverley by the beautiful lakeside. We’re on hand to give you some top tips on fishing in the local area and can provide some expert recommendations on stunning walks and recreation in the park and the surrounding Beverley area. 

Lake 2 – Coarse Lake

  • Roach – up to 2lbs
  • Perch – up to 2lbs
  • Bream – up to 4lbs
  • Carp – up to 10lbs
  • Tench – up to 5lbs
  • Brown Trout – up to 2lbs
  • Rainbow Trout – up to 3lbs

Lake 3 – Carp Lake

  • Common Carp – up to 12lbs
  • Ghost Carp – up to 10lbs

Lake 4 – Trout Lake

  • Brown Trout – up to 4lbs
  • Rainbow Trout – up to 4lbs
  • Blue Trout – up to 2lbs

Check out this image sent in to us by one of our Holiday Home owners, enjoying his time on our park


The common carp is a large, heavy, deep-bodied fish that grows up to a metre in length. Carp are omnivorous, feeding on plants, algae, invertebrates and other fish; one favourite food is freshwater mussels, which they will eat whole with their shells still on. They live in weedy ponds, flooded gravel pits and lakes, but are not native to the UK, having been introduced in the Middle Ages for food. A commercially important fish, selective breeding has led to many forms: the leather carp and mirror carp are commonly found in the UK and show different scale patterns.

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