Premium Plots

Premium Plots with breathtaking views.

Yes indeed. Let’s get Holiday ready for 2019, with our premium plots for sale all ready for your future bespoke holiday home to be sited in all its glory.

Now Heron Lakes and Hollicarrs are expanding, both with plenty of space so you can choose your prime holiday staycation today.

With the option to pick the plots before the concrete is poured, you can guarantee you get the best views there are to offer.
Premium Plots

So what’s the process for picking the perfect premium plot?

1. We will take you round the park showing you all  the options that we can provide. All our plots are marked out on site, ready for the next phase.

2. All you need to do is fall in love with you perfect view and let us know, we can reserve it for you.

3. Place a deposit, say hello to your plot. Then comes the fun part, choosing a lodge!

It’s that simple!

Wishing to purchase a lodge but aren’t sure what options are available?

Don’t worry we can help with that. We can show you all the options and help you fall in love with the views and holiday homes of your dreams.Contact us today on 01964 541777 or if you prefer to contact us via email, please send your enquiry to

Alternatively if we have inspired you to come and see for yourself,

Heron Lakes
Main Road,
East Riding of Yorkshire,
HU17 9SL
Hollicarrs Holiday Park
York road,
YO19 6EE

Top tips for preparing your Holiday Home for Winter

The Big Freeze is Back!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when everything is covered in a smattering of frost, all sparkly and picture postcard perfect. A great time to get the fires roaring and get all snuggled up.

To keep this winter stress free here are some tips to make sure your Holiday Home is winter proof this year!

Not in your Holiday Home this winter?

Preventing pipes from bursting.

The one thing we all dread in winter, the possibility of a water pipe bursting when you just want to relax and snuggle up. With a few easy fixes, this possibility can soon be a thing of the past.

1. Insulate external or exposed pipes – simple but effective, this keeps the metal from coming into contact with the freezing air keeping the pipes at a constant temperature.This also stops heat loss making your holiday home more efficient.

2. Keep your Holiday Home at a minimum temperature of 5-12 degrees celsius at all times when possible, allowing air temperature to circulate above freezing.

3. For those choosing to leave holidaying for the summer months,  a ‘drain down’ is recommended.  Making sure when you get back to your Holiday Home, there is no unexpected occurrences that could have been prevented the previous winter.

This can be done by the owner or by caravan specialists. For more information on why this is beneficial click here!

Controlling excess moisture / condensation.

Condensation or excess moisture build up is mainly due to air flow or lack of it and temperature regulation.

With most lodges and caravans being predominantly double glazed and central heated this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, however here are some simple hacks to keep the moisture under control

1. Salt – yes that condiment we all will probably use daily is a great absorber. Adding a bowl of rock or flaked salt to a room or an affected area, (ie the window) will soak up extra moisture. A simple and effective hack.

For a standard option, Moisture traps or dehumidifiers can be bought to combat added moisture over the winter months.

2. Increase Air flow – Again another simple but useful tip. Moisture build up is predominantly down to lack of the moist air being able to escape. Just making sure your ventilation isn’t obstructed. Another option is to simply leave internal doors ajar allowing air to circulate.

Tackling these main culprits is the easiest way to ensure your Holiday Home is protected over the winter months. Why not give yourself peace of mind so you can sit back and relax.
Why buy in winter

Why buy a lodge or caravan in Winter?

Now the days are getting shorter and the weather getting colder, holidaying in the UK could be the last thing on your mind. Here at Coastline Leisure, the change in weather doesn’t stop us from finding you the perfect holiday home.

So why buy in Winter?

Why buy in winter

Picture Postcard views

We have to say that all three of our parks are picture postcard indeed!

With stunning woodland views, to crisp lakeside vistas, each park has a view which is sure to take your breath away.

Exploring the park through a particular season will help you truly gauge what it’s like for you to be at a specific park. Brave the cold, come and experience the park at winter. We’ll put the kettle on!

As well as the breath taking views, you can also see what the holiday homes are truly like in winter.

What it feels like to be on the parks in winter and how each holiday home will perform, feel and react.

If you choose to visit in person. Our helpful sales team on each park can answer all questions about all you need to know about owning a holiday home in winter.

Some food for thought!

1.All of our are lodges built to British structural standards. All walls are 5 inches thick as well as central heating and double glazing. These lodges can withstand all of the British weather that will be thrown its way.

2. Most our Caravans depending on the model, come with gas or electric fires to get all snuggled up in a lovely warm living space this winter. Each caravan is insulated adding that extra warmth.

End of Season Sale!

The GREAT thing about Winter is the legendary Coastline End of Season Sale!

As we have transitioned into the off season, many parks go into close down. But not at Coastline Leisure, all the parks are open 12 months a year. Holiday whenever you wish. Our End of Season sale is in full swing! Check it here!

So let’s beat the winter blues and plan for a cosy winter AND 2019 holiday today! Always good to have a holiday to look forward too!

Dog Friendly Lodge Tips!

As going away as a family with your four legged best friend is becoming more and more popular we decided to give our top Dog Friendly Lodge Tips!

Including your dog in your holiday and lodge plans can reap huge benefits. For example you would have no kennel fees or wouldn’t have to worry about getting a pet passport.

All four of our parks operate on a dog friendly policy, where we ensure that dogs feel welcome.

To make sure you are fully prepared and that your dog feels welcome here are some our top tips…

Prepare in advance!

Make sure you have prepared your journey; have your pit stops planned and remember to pack your dog’s bowl.  It’s important to stop frequently to allow your dog to stretch and break the journey up.  If you are new to your lodge try and get as much information as you can, therefore you can plan in advance things like the area and any activities. Also, creating a list of things you need always helps and makes sure that every one stays happy. It also ensures that you don’t run out of  any supplies, especially doggy treats!

Make your dog feel at home!

This is very important as you want to ensure that your dog manages to settle into the lodge. This will help you relax and ensure you all get a good nights sleep. It’s a good idea to bring their dog bed, blankets and toys that they are used to from home. Dogs like habit and routine therefore will be able to adjust quicker when they feel comfortable.

It’s a good idea to show your dog the surroundings as well, this helps them get to know the area quicker and again will help them relax and get used to the new scenery.

Plan fun activities around your dog!

It’s really essential that you plan all your trips around your dog. Make sure that if you are visiting anywhere that dogs are welcome and that they accommodate animals.

Theres plenty to do around our parks in Yorkshire, with the majority being dog friendly.

Make sure your dog is well trained and kept safe!

This works for all dog owners, making sure that you are polite when it comes to your dog and appreciating everyone around you. It’s important to remember that not everyone likes dogs, therefore ensuring that your dog is kept on a lead in restricted areas and respecting others.

You want to ensure that your dog is kept safe, especially at night. Make sure you lock up your lodge and it’s a great idea to get your dog micro chipped.

Lastly, make sure you get the local vet numbers for the area on standby, you can never be too careful. It saves the panic in case you did need to take them to the vets or have any emergency questions.


As mentioned, our parks are all dog friendly. We offer lodge rentals at Heron Lakes where you would be able to get a feel for owning your own lodge or simply enjoy a short break !

Also, at High Farm Country Park we have dog friendly cottages available to rent. For more information , please visit our website Coastline Leisure or call 01964 541777.