Premium Plots

Premium Plots with breathtaking views.

Yes indeed. Let’s get Holiday ready for 2019, with our premium plots for sale all ready for your future bespoke holiday home to be sited in all its glory.

Now Heron Lakes and Hollicarrs are expanding, both with plenty of space so you can choose your prime holiday staycation today.

With the option to pick the plots before the concrete is poured, you can guarantee you get the best views there are to offer.
Premium Plots

So what’s the process for picking the perfect premium plot?

1. We will take you round the park showing you all  the options that we can provide. All our plots are marked out on site, ready for the next phase.

2. All you need to do is fall in love with you perfect view and let us know, we can reserve it for you.

3. Place a deposit, say hello to your plot. Then comes the fun part, choosing a lodge!

It’s that simple!

Wishing to purchase a lodge but aren’t sure what options are available?

Don’t worry we can help with that. We can show you all the options and help you fall in love with the views and holiday homes of your dreams.Contact us today on 01964 541777 or if you prefer to contact us via email, please send your enquiry to

Alternatively if we have inspired you to come and see for yourself,

Heron Lakes
Main Road,
East Riding of Yorkshire,
HU17 9SL
Hollicarrs Holiday Park
York road,
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