Dog Friendly Lodge Tips!

As going away as a family with your four legged best friend is becoming more and more popular we decided to give our top Dog Friendly Lodge Tips!

Including your dog in your holiday and lodge plans can reap huge benefits. For example you would have no kennel fees or wouldn’t have to worry about getting a pet passport.

All four of our parks operate on a dog friendly policy, where we ensure that dogs feel welcome.

To make sure you are fully prepared and that your dog feels welcome here are some our top tips…

Prepare in advance!

Make sure you have prepared your journey; have your pit stops planned and remember to pack your dog’s bowl.  It’s important to stop frequently to allow your dog to stretch and break the journey up.  If you are new to your lodge try and get as much information as you can, therefore you can plan in advance things like the area and any activities. Also, creating a list of things you need always helps and makes sure that every one stays happy. It also ensures that you don’t run out of  any supplies, especially doggy treats!

Make your dog feel at home!

This is very important as you want to ensure that your dog manages to settle into the lodge. This will help you relax and ensure you all get a good nights sleep. It’s a good idea to bring their dog bed, blankets and toys that they are used to from home. Dogs like habit and routine therefore will be able to adjust quicker when they feel comfortable.

It’s a good idea to show your dog the surroundings as well, this helps them get to know the area quicker and again will help them relax and get used to the new scenery.

Plan fun activities around your dog!

It’s really essential that you plan all your trips around your dog. Make sure that if you are visiting anywhere that dogs are welcome and that they accommodate animals.

Theres plenty to do around our parks in Yorkshire, with the majority being dog friendly.

Make sure your dog is well trained and kept safe!

This works for all dog owners, making sure that you are polite when it comes to your dog and appreciating everyone around you. It’s important to remember that not everyone likes dogs, therefore ensuring that your dog is kept on a lead in restricted areas and respecting others.

You want to ensure that your dog is kept safe, especially at night. Make sure you lock up your lodge and it’s a great idea to get your dog micro chipped.

Lastly, make sure you get the local vet numbers for the area on standby, you can never be too careful. It saves the panic in case you did need to take them to the vets or have any emergency questions.


As mentioned, our parks are all dog friendly. We offer lodge rentals at Heron Lakes where you would be able to get a feel for owning your own lodge or simply enjoy a short break !

Also, at High Farm Country Park we have dog friendly cottages available to rent. For more information , please visit our website Coastline Leisure or call 01964 541777.