Skelf Island | A treetop adventure across the dormant water of The Great Lake.

We at Castle Howard Lakeside holiday park are delighted that Skelf Island has reopened!

Skelf Island is an outdoor play area situated on the grounds of Castle Howard just next to The Great Lake and is a great day out for children. Featuring tree top adventures and a giant bridge over The Great Lake you can be sure thrills can be had and another reason to bring your children for a day out, whilst you view the grounds of the 17th century castle.

Below is a message from the Skelves regarding health and safety of the re-opening of the island.

A view from above of the tree top adventure park as you can see there is a lot of fun to be had

The skelves have been in lockdown too and we need to make sure everyone has space to play, so please work with us not to overcrowd the Island. 

The Skelves are patient, kind and considerate and they hope you’ll be the same, whilst also having lots of fun! Please read the following information from our friendly gang of Skelves…

We are limiting the number of people playing at any one time and we’d suggest that after an hour of playing you let others have a turn. 

The rope bridge to Skelf Island is now one way! From the mainland across to the Island. And don’t get too close to anyone taking a little longer to brave the bridge. Please use the low level broadwalk to return.

We’re doing our bit by keeping Skelf Island clean and tidy and we ask you to help by not bringing food and drink into the play area and making sure all litter is safely disposed of. 

We look forward to seeing you on Skelf Island soon! 

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